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 Might as well post here, since nobody reads this blog--nobody reads anywhere I write unless it's Facebook but on Facebook I'm always salty for some reason or other.

It's a bit of a melancholy day, once again. I posted about a chapter of DoK a while ago, and that's honestly the last time I was motivated to put any chapters of that online. I know that story has some followers, which is nice, but I don't hear anything from anyone, not even so much as a "this sucks", which would hurt, but would at least indicate someone has some sort of feeling towards the story. It's an empty sort of feeling.

I'm currently working on a fanfic for it, actually. It's nice and keeps me thinking about the characters. My girlfriend is also still enthusiastic about them so we talk to each other about the story, the world, and the characters. So that's that, and it's a nice little thing. 

To be fair, I should be used to the fact that everything I write is going to get ignored (unless it's fanfic). Nobody really cares except for some people close to me, and one day I'll have to just accept that and move on. I can write for myself. I'll have to write for myself.


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