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 Another chapter's up!

Chapter Twenty-Six
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As of today, I have finished my very first draft of Dark Heavens Fell.

Some time ago I described it as a(n attempt at a) Gothic Romance, involving two biracial protagonists, that takes place in 19th century The Netherlands. It's taken me seven months to complete it, with about three or four in between where I wrote nothing at all. It's been a happy little experience that has totaled seventeen chapters:


I am very pleased. This is a story I'd like to see published, if possible, when I've polished it. I'm not sure on a timeline yet since I'll be writing my thesis soon, and will likely move out from the student complex I currently live in. I'll try my best to keep writing stories, but it may not be for a while.

But tonight is one for celebration
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The masterpost is here, as promised. I did not add the fanfics because the canon is not mine, originally, but there are two links to my AO3, so if anyone wants to be nosy, they can easily find them. There's like three.

Death of Kings is listed as a WIP because I have not posted it in its entirety yet. I'm like to start posting as soon as I'm not busy doing research. But it is, in fact, already complete on my laptop, it just needs a bit of time to lay there and be glanced over once in a while for mistakes. The rest are all finished works, new and old.

In case those reading haven't chanced my writing yet, I am a bit of the (melo)dramatic, poetic kind. Also a lot of blood/darkness/cosmos and a whole lot of magical shenanigans. The language in The Gods Below is one I made up in my spare time and is not yet finished. Its grammar is based on my native language, Papiamentu, though at times the basis is English instead because that one infects my being every hour of every day. The Gods Below is also potentially the darkest/heaviest of my writings. I believe that has the highest death count, too. Wait no. I should make a death count. Damn.

That aside, I am also currently working on a Gothic Romance set in 19th century Netherlands. Thank that to Guillermo del Torro's Crimson Peak and a truly bizarre dream I had last year. It's technically the first Gothic Romance story I've written, though not the first with ghosts and such related themes. The project's been a trip so far; it's also come to be a social critique of the blatant racism in Dutch society that most White Dutch people tend to ignore or be blind to because they like to believe themselves very tolerant. So this is a very personal project for me, a Black Curaçaoan woman doing her best to make race and racism and their intersection with gender a serious topic of conversation.

That's all the news for today, I suppose. Happy blogging.
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  • The Cosmos is In Our Waters | [Oneshot]  Tiamat drinks of the waters, of the deep blue Seas of Neptune. She feels no cold, no warmth, and she returns to Earth a Queen of Constellations.
  • Death of Kings | [WIP] Ilhan can See the futures of monarchs and commoners alike, but not of Gods. Therein lies the answer to how he gets caught in the feud between those wily and obstinate divines. But something far more dreadful slumbers in ice. M/M, F/M, F/F
  • Egomania | [Complete] Once, when they were thirteen, they cut their palms to watch them bleed, and drink it from each other. M/M (Twincest, not condoned, just thematic)
  • The Gods Below | [Complete, Multi-parted] Of Gods, of blood, of death. Bartram is born to grief and rain. His tongue is not meant for speech. Briar is a child-queen of the Weeping Woods; she knows what her son is destined to become. She will make it so. In between, there are children of Gods, and those of dragons.
  • Monsters of Blood & Wine | [Oneshot] When Annot looks up at the night sky full of stars, she sees [her soul] reflected back at her. She's not certain whether the Gods have blessed her or cursed her, but their intent means little to her – she has power in her fingertips and her intention is to use all of it. M/M, F/M etc.
  • When All the Stars Are Dead | [One-shot] Based on a poem I wrote. And when all the stars are dead, who will stay by their deathbed?
  • The Wyvern-Blooded | [Complete, Trilogy] Some secrets can be kept, but not for long. Kelmen and Idane learn this the hard way. M/M, F/M

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It's been years. We've aged. LJ has not passed the years well.

Call me Bell. I've not decided yet that I'll make a home here, what with tumblr, but I just might. I could post links to my writings, if anything. Would that interest anyone? Perhaps. To begin, here is a link to an old masterpost. I may make one specifically for this blog as well.

A good day to you, and you and I.


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